Wood Farm Brewery Opens Its Doors

By Steve Heighton
Posted: 14/03/2011

On March 11th Wood Farm brewery opened its doors to the public with an opening ceremony performed by Ex England and British Lion Dean Richards. The initial impression was what a fantastic setting for the Brewery. The main bar sits down stairs with comfortable seating for eating. There is also an upstairs gallery which opens up in to a large room. The downstairs has a spacious warm feel to it and the four beers on show were all excellent.

Having been a keen supporter of Rugby Brewing Company beers it was great to see Webb Ellis, Grand Slam and Victorius return. All were superb but the Webb Ellis was truly excellent. The flagship beer from head brewer Kevin Featherstone, Wood Farm Bitter, was a light golden beer and to be fair was superb. This will be a beer to reckon with in the future (you heard it first here!).

The brewery was opened by Dean Richards the Ex England and British Lion rugby union player.  He gave a candid question and answer session that had the audience well entertained under the entertaining comperemanship of Frank Wilson.  I was able to ask Dean what his favourite real ale and pub were and his response was quite quick. He went straight for Pedigree that he had had in Burton and his favourite pub was his old local the Plough in Hinckley, much to the delight of the members of Hinckley branch who were present.  Two very good choices they tell me. 

Now I may not have been clear about the venue in that it doubles up as a brewpub restaurant.  The fayre is good standard English meals sourced from local producers and with four beers available will sure to be popular.  I am sure many of you when you visit, will be surprised at the standard of what might be perceived as a little micro.  I think that owners Phil and Sue Dewes have built a fantastic brewpub and is likely to make a big impact in the near future.  I also hope its not too long until the beers are available in Rugby itself and when they do they are well worth hunting out. An excellent afternoon was had by the several local members that were able to attend and we wish all connected with the brewery every success in the future.