Local drinkers can raise a glass

By Steve Heighton
Posted: 25/03/2013

The local branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, were celebrating after the Chancellor scrapped the beer duty escalator which they had been protesting strongly about. 

Steve Heighton the local spokesman explained 'CAMRA has been campaigning nationally for the scrapping of this year on year above inflation rate increase on beer duty. CAMRA raised the 100,000 petition signatures to have the issue raised in Parliament and in December local members joined a mass rally to hear MP's speak about it Parliament. The budget news that this odious and grossly unfair tax on pub goers is a significant change in Government policy'. 
However despite the Chancellor seeing the light the local MP Mark Pawsey, had to U Turn to vote for his own Government after repeatedly stating to the local CAMRA branch that he would not support the cut. 

Steve added 'we wrote to our MP and met with him and he refused to sign the motion to oppose the escalator and yet now he has turned tail to vote the other way. It is very disappointing that having agreed with what we said he would not support his constituents at the time.

We are happy that the duty has been scrapped at that a penny has been taken off the price of a pint but we will now being asking our MP to support his party's manifesto in stopping supermarkets from selling reduced alcohol at the expense of local pub closures and loss of jobs'.