Foreign Beer List


Mack Daddy 5% - Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Based in Abbotsford just outside Melbourne, Moon Dog have been brewing interesting beers for a decade. Mack Daddy is a dark delicious ale with smooth malty taster counter with a good dose of hops to balance out any sweetness.


Saison Voisin 5.0% – brewery Brasserie des Geants

Classic Saison brewed using the same recipe since 1884 and still winning awards. Amber in colour with malt, hops and a touch of caramel in the aroma leading to a dry hoppy taste and bitter aftertaste.

Crime Passionnel 7.5% - brewery De Dochter Van De Korenaar

Located on the Belgian side of the Dutch Belgium border and run by a Dutch man this brewery is probably more Dutch than Belgian, with a name that translates as Daughter of the Grain you will not be surprised that they produce some excellent beers. The beer is a hazy copper coloured IPA with a fruity aroma leading to a hoppy taste and mellow bitter aftertaste.


English Trappist Ale 7.4% – brewery Mount St. Bernard Abbey Tynt Meadow

Trappist beers enjoy an almost mythical status among beer drinkers and in recent years a few abbeys have started brewing. When an English one based near Coalville in Leicestershire started up in 2018 with the aim of raising funds for the monastery. The beer is mahogany coloured with rich fruity aroma leading to a full bodied ale with a dry finish.


Bellerose Biere Blonde 6.5% - brewery Brasserie Des Sources

Based just over the Belgian border and brewing since 2005 this brewery creates this award winning French beer which is straw yellow in colour and fresh fruity nose leading to a refreshing slightly bitter taste.


Lagerbier Hell 5.2% - brewery Augustiner

Brilliant helles from Munich brewery that started in the middle ages as a monastery brewery which has been a secular concern since 1803. Made with Bavarian hops and malt this is a monstrously drinkable crisp beer with a light hoppy finish.

Weissbier 5.5% - brewery Kloster Andechs

Monastic brewery based in Southern Bavaria since 1455. Classic hazy yeasty wheat beer with a wonderful banana and melon aroma leading to a tangy refreshing taster; a marvellous beer.


Microhistory Beer Pupsy The Great 4.2% - brewery Rinkuskiai

Lithuanian brewery founded in 1991 based in Birzai up near the Latvian border. This stout with a magnificent name which is apparently named after a horse called Pupsy who got swallowed by a sinkhole! The beer pours dark brown with a small tan head leading to a sweetish malty taste.


Single-Wide IPA 5.7% - brewery Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard have been producing fine beers since 1989 in Kansas City. This IPA uses six different varieties of hop and is dry hopped giving a hazy pale orange hoppy beer, A single wide is a type of mobile home but why you would name a beer after one I have no idea.

Oak Barrel Stout 6% - Old Dominion Brewing Co.

Now based in Dover, Delaware, Fordham and Dominion breweries merged in 2007 to create the current company having both grown out of their original bases. The stout is conditioned over oak chips and infused with vanilla beans to give a smooth and roasty stout.