Foreign Beer List




Silly Saison 5.0% – brewery Silly

Based, since 1850, in the village of Silly (hence the name) in the French speaking Wallonian part of Belgium, Silly brew some excellent beers including the Saison which is a slight sweet fruity version and well worth trying.


Triple 8.0% - brewery Fort Lapin

Newish (2011) Bruge brewery who seem to be improving their beers as they gain more experience. The Triple is a sweet and spicy blonde beer.



English Trappist Ale 7.4% – brewery Mount St. Bernard Abbey Tynt Meadow    

Back by popular demand as we sold out in record time last year! This English Trappist beer is brewed in the abbey near Coalville in Leicestershire since 2018 with the aim of raising funds for the monastery. The beer is mahogany coloured with rich fruity aroma leading to a full-bodied ale with a dry finish.



Hell 4.7% - brewery Kloster Andechs                 

Andechs brewery is based at the Andechs monastery about 20 miles south west of Munich and is owned by the monks. The Hell is a slightly malty with a floral hoppiness making a delicious classic Bavarian hell.


Brauweiss 5.1% - brewery Ayinger

Located south east of Munich this private brewery has been operating for well over one hundred years and produces excellent beers. Light golden coloured yeasty wheat beer with classic fruity aroma and lovely slightly sweet and tarty taste and finish.



Sinner 6.2% - brewery O’Brother

Award winning small brewery based in Kilcoole, County Wicklow that was founded by three brothers in 2014, their golden amber coloured Irish IPA has a fruity aroma leading to a hoppy taste and a dry bitter after taste.



Extra Pale Ale 4.9% - brewery Cassels & Sons

Christchurch based craft brewery that has been brewing since 2010 and though damaged they managed to survive the 2011 earth quake and seem to be going strong since then. As you would expect this beer contains 3 different New Zealand hops giving a fruity hop aroma leading to a slightly bready malty flavour and long crisp bitter finish.



Kozlak Bock 6.5% - Amber brewery

Modern medium sized brewery based just outside Gdansk, I think this is the first time we have featured a Polish beer at the festival so I am looking forward to trying this one. Rich ruby coloured beer with a creamy head, sweetish caramel taste and slightly sweet finish.



Back Stage IPA 6.0% - Fordham brewery

Originally founded in Annapolis in 1995 and relocated to Dover, Delaware in 2003 Fordham brew some excellent beers which we have featured previously. If, like a lot of real ale drinkers you have a phobia of canned beers then it is worth giving this IPA a chance and see that now they are every bit as good as bottled beers. Once the tin is cracked open the IPA pours golden amber in colour the sweetness from the malt is well balanced by the citrus hoppiness making it a good drinking beer with a smooth finish.